Bern, SwitzerlandOberscherli, Switzerland
Without your support, we (the NGO Alliance with Swissaid, Fastenopfer, SKAT Foundation, Vétérinaires sans Frontières Suisse, Vivamos Mejor and Aqua Alimenta) would not have been in a position to develop such a complex and large 4-year programme in such a short time. Markus Allemann, Director SWISSAID (2019)

I'm impressed by the concise analysis of the draft strategy by Martin. He obviously avails of professional expertise in dealing with development strategies. Dr. Rudolf Rechsteiner, President Foundation Council, SWISSAID (2017)

Thank you greatly for having agreed to compile a useful corporate model for Fastenopfer on such short notice! We could adopt it as it came and use it instantly in our discussions with the main donor SDC.  Patrick Renz, Director, Fastenopfer Lucerne, Switzerland (2016)

The fact that we could complete all our strategies and planning documents (..) is also credit to you! I appreciate your calm and competent way of thinking and commenting.  Markus Brun, Head Cooperation South, Fastenopfer Lucerne, Switzerland (2016)

We are very happy about your argumentarium which was very helpful. In all, your proposals were helpful in terms of simplifications, clarifications and better formulation of indicators. The matrix is now definitely SMARTer and more clear - a big thank  you!   Madeleine Bolliger, Coordinator NGO Cooperation Network, Bread for all, Berne, Switzerland (2016)

Your efficient input has made it possible that our staff can continue the design phase at a high level and to appropriate the  concept. (...) It was once more super good to have you with us last Wednesday! Thanks for this!  Sandrine Cottier, Head Quality Control, Fastenopfer Lucerne, Switzerland  (2016)

Thank you very much for coming to the Anhui Province. We are sure that the valuable IPRCC cooperation with the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation SDC will grow deeper in the future. Hopefully we will have the honour to have your advice or comments also in the future.
Dr. Liu Qianqian, International Poverty Reduction Center Chin IPRCC (24 April 2015)

Your highly professional inputs had a big effect on the Chinese Delegation: The participants expressed that they would contribute greatly to the development of their current policy recommendation for their Chinese national and foreign aid policy on evaluation.  South Asia Division, Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation SDC (2015)

SDC appreciates the well written evaluation report on the Executive Master in Development Policy and Practices DPP of the Geneva Graduate Institute. It offers a good base for SDC in order to approve the ongoing support of the DPP . We especially welcome the recommendations made  by the evaluators in order to improve the quality of the DPP in the future. Directorate, Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation SDC (25 March 2015)

Thank you for this. This is great! I was ready to give up this assignment if it wasn't because of you. There is still more I want to learn from you, so I'm sticking around (with the evaluation of the Country Programme Laos of  Fastenopfer). Vilayphone Chouramany, Independent Consultant, Vientiane, Lao PDR (2015)

I have read your report, it is very useful and concise! I can use it very well for the discussions around impact chains, value chains and the thematic consistency . Bernhard Wenger, Strategy Consultant of Fastenopfer, Zurich, Switzerland (2015)

Martin, you are highly recommended by several people in Evaluation. I very much value your insight and would love to learn who you would recommend as candidates for the important task of Director Evaluation of IFAD.  Victoria Dimitrakopoulos, Consultant head hunting IFAD-IOE , EgonZehnder USA (2014)

Martin Sommer is analytically sharp and highly focussed. It is my privilege to recommend Martin for any prestigious and highly demanding international consulting assignment. Dr. N R Jagannath, Development Consultant, Bangalore, India (October 2014)

In his assignment as country director SDC in Laos, Martin was future orientated and prepared to take risks in laying the groundwork for activities that would have longer-term payoffs. Dr. Sean Foley, Consultant SAMDANA, Ex. Board Member  Australia & New Zealand Society for Ecological Economics (November 2014)

Many thanks for your thoughtful and helpful message. Rarely do I receive such insightful feedback. I truly appreciate it. Your message helps me understand what is working well and what still needs to be improved.  Dr. William Dar, DG International Crop Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics ICRISAT, Hyderabad, India (2012)

Martin, with happy memories of our collaboration in India, the joint evaluation of participatory watershed development and the exchange on self-evaluation. With the hope that you will be provoked and enjoy this book and all good wishes for the future. Sir Robert Chambers, Berlin, 3 May 2012

On the panel of the world debate on desertification and food security, we have Martin Sommer, he is a food security specialist who has been working in many countries in the South, among them Afghanistan and Pakistan.  Zeinab Badawi, Moderator BBC World Debate, Villages on the Frontline, 5 October 2006

The Swiss News Agency SDA has decided to quote some of your statements in the interview (with Martin Sommer). I believe that this is but consequent in view of the fact that your explanations (on the situation in Afghanistan after 9/11) have been very informative.  A. Tunger-Zanetti, Foreign Correspondent, Lucerne News, 21.8.2001