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As a rather exhausted video conference nerd after alle these home-office weeks, I am looking forward to return to social contact - based evaluation practice! Analytics on distance and confined to analog and digital data is like watching a movie: You get a picture of a situation, an idea of circumstances, a storyline. But you're left hungry on broadening dialogue, on drilling deeper, beneath first level messages, on searching for disaccord and contradictions and finally recomposing the initial picture with new features and colours. At best this can be secondbest in an evaluator's job satisfaction.

But plenty of time is left for watching the health official's permanent pandemic monitoring and situational assessment of choices and best options which they perform with an initially poor knowledge base and under enormous stress. Medical specialists and responsible politicians (others explicitely excluded here!) bridge between pandemic imperatives and economic disaster, between brakeman and fortuneteller. They have to imagine and create scenarios for entire societies and economies every other week, trying to minimise damage and optimise costs. This on-going health sector evaluation challenge is one of the most demanding scenarios one can imagine. I am grateful that my own experience in the development evaluation sector has been fundamentally different in terms of predictability, plannability, analytical space and organisational frame conditions.  
                                                                        Martin Sommer
                                                                        Owner Consultant devolutions Ltd.