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Make Reviews Valuable

Corporate strategy reviews are special moments in the life of an organisation. Generally they come along as a planned reflection and are thus no surprise to the teams. TORs and guiding questions are crafted, and everyone prepares for interviews and workshops. Curiosity and sometimes tensions build up continually from inception towards recommendations. The result is a momentum of collective learning along the very foundations of an organisation, its values and rationale on the backdrop of the latest contextual changes and perspectives. 
So far so good, as long as an organisation is taking a review as a avaluable opportunity to re-think the basics, no matter how uncomfortable its findings may be. Worse are the cases where the reviews are routinely conducted to satisfy the boards and simply comply with developmental routine. When a strategic set of review recommendations is brushed to come out with a management response of corporate convenience, then the disposition of learning has not really been triggered and the exercise may be only superficially effective.

All alternatives in between are also reality. What often matters most is the creation of a trustful, conducive environment for openness to think beyond obvious borders and to build on the best arguments.

                                                                        Martin Sommer
                                                                        Owner Consultant devolutions Ltd.